Easy ways to get free backlinks

Backlinks are incoming links to a blog or a website or a web page. In the search engine optimization (SEO) world, the number of backlinks is one indication of the popularity or importance of that blog or website. According to Google, back links are votes given by other sites to you. Google assign pageranks to blogs or websites according to their backlinks. If a blog have alot of quality backlinks then google will assign them a good pagerank. Pageranks are very important especially if you want to earn money through your blog or website.
To get free backlinks i want to show you my personal experience so far as blogging is all about personal experience.
  • Quality Content
    If you are having quality content then everyone who like what you blog, will link back to you. Now the Question How to write Quality posts for your blog please read my post about How to write a better post.
  • Main Source "Comments"
    If you really want to get alot of high quality backlinks, I would encourage you to leave a comment on each and every blog that you read but in your comments remember to leave your blog's link. And the most important thing Do not spam
    ( spam means do not leave comments like " WOW" "Thanks" "Nice Post" etc ok because bloggers will not publish that)
    This is the most powerful source and google loves these kind of links. It would help you alot. I also call it Blog Walking
  • Social Bookmarking
  • Social bookmarks are the sites that allow you to share sites you like with others or in other words you can maintain your bookmarks and favorites in a way that others can see it. There is a large number of social bookmarking sites on the web. Visit them and get free and easy back-link to your sites from them.
    Don't keep on submitting your own site(s) to them. This will look spammy and some of the social bookmarks might ban you for doing this. Submit other good sites, blogs and pages too.
    Tip:Write a good description and a catchy title to get large amount of traffic as well as large number of backlink from them. This way more people will rate your site and you wil get a link-back from their profiles too.
  • Link Directories
    This is the easiest way to get some free backlinks. All you have to do is find some quality free directories, choose a related category for your site and submit your site to that proper related category. As choosing a proper category will increase chances of your link being accepted, it will also insure you get back-link from related keywords which is one of the best SEO practices.

    TIP 1: While submitting your sites to link directories, don't forget to write a proper description of your site with some of your keywords in it.

    TIP 2: Don't leave the keywords field empty as it is not mandatory.

    TIP 3: Keep on changing the text in title tag while submitting to directories so that Google don't take your site for spam.

  • Submit Articles to Directories
    I personally didn't try this step but i have heard alot from many bloggers about it that it worked for them.
    Try submitting your articles to some popular articles directories ( like ezinearticles.com).
    How it works: When you submit articles to these directories, it contain links to your blog at the end of the article that is posted by you. This way you get free backlinks from these directories.
These were some basic and easy ways to have free backlinks. If you want to add something in my list then please suggest in your comments thanks.


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