3 Reasons of not making profit from google adsense:

  1. Low Traffic:The more traffic you have the more your blog or website will be profitable and more are the chances to get good profit, they are simply directly proportional......
    If you are not having good traffic, less percentage of people will click your ads and you would not be able to get good income from Google Adsense...
    So in the primary goals add this point too, " increasing traffic.."
    some tips i provide will help you increase your traffic
    Add a 'share on facebook' link to blog
    Submitting Url to major search engines
    Submit Blog to Blog Directories
    Blog Walking
    Getting Free traffic from Yahoo Answers
    Link Exchange
    Optimize blog title for better SEO
  2. Ads placed poorly:
    Ads not placed in a nice area can also hurt your earnings....
    below is a graph here the dark colours are the best position for your ad placement
    Generally Large Rectangle is the best performing ad so far....
    try to blend the colours with your blog so that readers click on them by considering them as content of your blog....

  3. The Topic/Theme or content of your blog isn't conducing to make you earn money on adsense
    This is a main point please try to write about a profitable topic that make you earn money. Simply if you want to add Adsense to your personal blog then for sure you would not be able to earn money with that....
    Try to find a profitable Keyword/ a profitable topic and write about it...

    here is the keyword tool see and find good keywords for your blog and write about them on your blog... Keyword Tool

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  1. Thank you! All of your posts related to getting more followers and increasing a blog's visibility have been very informative!


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