Submitting Url and Link Exchange

When your blog is ready, you want to have somebody who read your blog? Means you want readers?
Firstly when i made my site and it was ready with some good kind of post i submitted Urls to search engines like GOOGLE, YAHOO and All the Major Search engines  ( for Submitting Blog to Search Engines).... But on the other hand when i did and still doing Blog Walking i sometimes offer the another blogger to link Exchange... This is very important.....
Submitting Url to the Search Engines mean you are introducing yourself to the search engines and on the other hand link exchange is also a method of introducing yourself to the search engines... And in this way the blog Link Builds and Search Engine Ranking Increases.....

Hope Useful......

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  1. Thank you so much for this! I read some of your other posts and they are very helpful! =)

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