How to get Google Pagerank 2 in 3 months....

Hi after google updated pagerank on 30th october 2009 my blog got pagerank 2 In just 3 months...

Let me share you some tips which will definitly help you out in getting a good google pagerank...

Pagerank is based on the backlinks your blog have...
To get free 1000s of backlinks for your blog

whenever i post i ping up my blog... at
do Blog walking

Add a share on facebook link to your blog.

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October's Top Commentators contest....

I am thankful to all of you for reading my blog and posting comments here and sharing your ideas... For encouraging my readers i announce the top three commentators of October.
  1. VJ

  2. 1001 Money Maker

  3. Ferni's Food
I hope you are happy as in this contest, winners get encouragement as well as a little bit of free Advertising....
So keep posting comments.
Try to run Top Commentator widget on your blog and as well as a contest at the end of every month so your readers get a little bit of encouragement and they would keep commenting to win the contest.

Best Ad Network for new bloggers

Many new bloggers have problems about best ad network....
I am not good at this and i cannot answer which one is the best ad network.
So i ask all of you if you have any idea about which the best is please share with us.
Thanks in advance for sharing your ideas

Had Problem with the Internet....

Hi friends how are you?
Sorry for not writing any post since 9th September....
Had some problem with the Internet. Problem solved today so posting after along time. Thanks for reading my blog will update continuously now and will help you with the latest tips about blogger.

Keep Blogging!!!!