Had Problem with the Internet....

Hi friends how are you?
Sorry for not writing any post since 9th September....
Had some problem with the Internet. Problem solved today so posting after along time. Thanks for reading my blog will update continuously now and will help you with the latest tips about blogger.

Keep Blogging!!!!


  1. Thank GOD man you came back

    even I was wondering why for a long time you are not posting

    even what i was thinking is ....you might have started a new blog...but why not giving the link here ....ha ha ha ha

    so now what next you will be posting dear...???

  2. I just wanna ask u something...how do you create the AB logo that appears everytime i open ur website?

  3. Hey the question that you are asking about the "AB" Logo, Its called favicon and to add Favicon to your blogger log on to...

  4. wow..thanks! at first i was enabled to do it, but i actually did it! thanks...



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