How to Become a Popular blogger?

You might know about some very well known and popular bloggers like



and many more.
They are really doing great job.
Are they not human beings like us ????.
Well ! they are. They have eyes , noses, ears, hands , brain etc but we also have those things that God gifted us all.
Now the question that arise in our minds is why?? Why can't we be like them? Why can't we be popular??
Are we not like them ??? Is there anything that we do not have and they have??
We are the same then, it is also true that we can also be successful. Yes we can be popular, we can have lots of fans and etc etc. Actually we ( the new bloggers especially ) have lost trust in ourselves, we just try to copy what others are saying and doing in the blogosphere.

I want to tell all my friends that trust in yourselves and God. I assure you that success and popularity will kiss your feet.

Do not be the copy of anyone!!! Try to be unique from others
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