Getting High ranking in Google,, Yahoo and Major Search engines

Hi Friends,
  This BLOG is about only one month old but Thanks to Allah (the greatest of all) i am getting high number of uniques visitor and readers......
    I am following some ways and tips.......
 I usually do Blog Walking and read other blog, I am coming to the point Remember whenever i read blog of other blogger i leave a comment on their post saying hi and introducing myself BUT leaving my BLOG URL in the comment .......
This is the main thing and it does not seem to be an important way to build you Search engine Ranking... BUT believe me its a very handy and useful way.....
Actually Search engines like GOOGLE , YAHOO etc Love this thing............. 

Isn't an easy step to build SEO ?

Other step that i have done is to Submit your Blog to All the major Search Engines ( like GOOGLE, YAHOO, MSN etc....)

this is also a great way to have One Way Link Exchange and its counted alot in getting high ranking in Search Engines...

Nextly while reading other blogs (related to your blog's Content) ask the other Blogger for Link Exchange 

Next..... Add a Digg button with every post


 Add a "Share On Facebook" Link at the end of your posts....

That's all 
Keep Blogging 
and hope you liked the post....


  1. Salaam. Came across your blog and really liked. Very helpful tips. keep it up brother. Name is Luqman and blog ad is

  2. If really want to be high rank by google you need to do what google like to see in your site.
    or you need to build army of fan and followers.

  3. do you always give informations based on your experience? that's cool..anyway, can you post an entry about domain name coz i really don't understand what i read in the search engines..

  4. hi!my name is kaleem i have been writing my blog for 2 or 3 months.i totally agree with you.but one thing i mention is the most powerful thing is content.content is the key to success so keep on writing good content.write on the topic you have information about even you blog on food recopies.or your own daily activities ...


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