How to blog in your own unique style

Actually the ideas that the blogger shares with his/her readers is called blogging. All the success of the blog lies in these ideas.
Unfortunately most of the new bloggers just talk about those which all the blogger are talking about. They do not write ideas/opinions of their own. Why would readers come to those blogs who have the content that other popular blogs already have.
Visitors/readers need something unique and interesting. Here are some tips to make your blog posts unique from others.

  1. With a Pen and notebook Record your Ideas
    The most classic and a nice way to blog is to keep a pen and a notebook with yourself and write your thoughts and the ideas that strike you. Most of the ideas will be forgotten if you do not record them with yourself. And its very difficult to remember them back.
    Now when you sit to blog, it will be very easy for you to write post because you already got some ideas on your notebook.
  2. Do not Copy other Blogs
    Read other popular blogs to keep yourself upto date of what is happening in the blogosphere. Its also good to gain knowledge from them but do not try to copy their style and most important thing do not try to copy their posts ( unfortunately most of the most blogger do this mistake ). Listen people have already read these popular blogs, they do not want to read it on another blog.Visitors want something new and original. So please do not be their copy. Try to be Unique. However its ok to refer your readers to some interesting posts from other bloggers.

    wrote a great point about copying someone else blog. "If you just want to repost what someone has posted then it’s better not to. Just remember people have already read about that!".

  3. Write your own opinions
    People usually read blogs because of author's personal opinions. Do not afraid to write your own opinions

    Ades also wrote about writing your opinions
    "Without the personal opinions, your blog will be just another news-reporting blog.
    Don’t be afraid of what people might think of your opinion, what is important is - what you think! And don’t forget that it’s your blog (not someone else’s) and in your own blog you are entitled to voice out your own opinions."
You might now be able to write your own posts in your own unique style.
Leave your comments please and if you want to add any thing in this list you can suggest in your comments.


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  9. Great article on unique content you are right content is king but if it's your own not some where copy paste nice article.

  10. I'm so glad I came across your blog, there are som many helpful tips. I'm fairly new to Blogger and didn't know what blog walking was until I read one of your other articles. Thanks for the helpful content :O)

  11. I started a travel blog just less than 2 months ago. I feel a bit uncomfortable about being too personal in my writing, so I try not to be too personal...but after reading your post, I maybe need to change my style...but still not to be overly personal.


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