Getting readers for your blog from Yahoo Answers

Friends i wanted to share with you that you can also get alot readers and visitors from Yahoo Answers
I am having a yahoo id and i can use Yahoo answers... So simple. Now let me tell you how you can get visitors.... I simply know alot about Blogger and i use to search about question about blogger that people have asked recently, and then i use to answer them and leave an URL to my blog within that answer.
This is how i am now seeing that alot of visitors are refered by Yahoo answers...
So that is a nice tip, I wanted to share with you my friends

Keep blogging
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  1. i really like this post...and i already have a yahoo id! thanks

  2. thanks friend...
    Good you now can take advantage from your yahoo id!!!

  3. thanks frnd,its really interesting post

  4. Yes this is good advice :)


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