Getting Comments

Comments are the most important thing a blogger should get. Even a great blogger also need comments on their blogs as Comments make the posts valuable as it is proved that a post having alot of comments are more attracted by the readers than the posts having no comments on it.....
So start getting your comments on your blog posts.
I am providing you some tips about getting comments on your blog.
  1. Encourage readers to leave a comment
    You must encourage your reader to leave a comment about the post you have written. Just ask the reader at the end of your post to leave a comment or subscribe to your blog. This is a handy tool to get comments.

  2. Ask alot of Questions
    There is also a great way to make readers force to leave a comment is to as ask alot of question in your posts so that readers who read you blog are automatically forced and they would answer your questions as a comment.

  3. While Blog Walking leave comment on other's blog
    I mean to say that while you read other blogger's blog leave a comment on their blog, Obviously they would re-visit your blog and in reply leave a comment on your blog, Blogging is all about give and take so this is also a great way to get comments.

  4. Ask the readers about their experiences
    Ask your readers about their experiences in your blog's post and let them share their knowledge and experience with you.

  5. Try Replying Comments
    When someone leave a comment on your blog please try to reply him on time as some comment needs to be answered quickly. So answer every comment you get may be it grows into a discussion on your blog.
Hope you got those tips and now ready to apply them on your blog.

If you have any Question or any problem you can ask me i would love to help...
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  1. I need this. I need more comments definitely. I will apply it.

  2. Comments is very important
    It's great to find you


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