30+ great resources of blogger Templates (Make your blog Great looking)

After making blog in blogger.com if you dont like the templates that blogger do have, then i may provide you 30+ great resources of blogger Templates .

5ColumnTemplate.Blogspot.com - This site only offers one template with five variations, but it isn’t every day you see a five column theme for any blogging platform, and it is actually pretty clean in presentation.

AllBlogTools.com - A collection of over 100 templates from an assortment of a lot of smaller designers. You can look them up by layout, color, subject matter and so on.

Blogger-Templates.Blogspot.com - Keeps a small selection of top-notch Blogger themes up and running.

Blogger-Templates.Deceblog.net - A small selection of unique themes for Blogger accounts.

Blogger-Templates-Directory.Blogspot.com - A large directory of Blogger templates, links to resources for further development and a whole lot more.

BloggerTemplates.org - Doesn’t seem to have been updated since it originally launched, but all of the templates still work, and have a lot of resemblance to WordPress themes.

BlogspotTemplates.Blogspot.com - Several pages of Blogger templates with tips on how to use them.

BlogspotTemplate.com - Right around 100 templates for Blogger of varying styles and colors.

BlogTemplates.Noipo.org - A small selection of graphical and text based templates for your blog.

BTemplates.com - Features a wide assortment of over 600 free Blogger templates that can be browsed by category, tag, number of downloads and so on.

Carl Galloway’s Blogger Templates - A small selection of some fairly unique templates that haven’t been updated in some time, but are still fully functional.

FinalSense.com - Offers over 300 templates for your Blogger account. Have just about every theme and color combination that you can think of.

FreeBlogger-Templates.Blogspot.com - Focuses heavily on simplified Blogger templates that make for the easiest reading possible.

FreeTemplates.Blogspot.coms - A blog dedicated to bringing you nothing but free Blogger templates. Nicely categorized, and easy to browse.

FreshBloggerTemplates.Blogspot.com - It has been a while since this site released any new templates, but their designs are very clean and still in working order.

Gecko & Fly Blogger Templates - Offers many Blogger templates, most of which are in a more “classic” style, as well as tutorials on how to tweak your blog even further.

GoSuBlogger.com - A large selection of free templates that mix original work with converted WordPress themes.

Isnaini.com - A large and varied collection of templates for use on Blogger, along with a detailed tutorial on how to properly insert them into your account.

JackBook.com - Besides offering a large selection of free templates, with a heavy saturation of video game inspired themes, JackBook also offers tips and pointers on better SEO for your blog.

OurBlogTemplates.com - An odd mix of nearly 200 free templates for you to use and with a dash of reviews of DSLR cameras.

PannaSmontana Templates - Numerous free templates for Blogger, but the site is entirely in Italian. Thankfully it is well designed and you can find your way around.

Public-Template.Blogspot.com - Features a mixture of free templates for you to download, tutorials on how to make your own, and admiration for templates they enjoy.

Simple-Blogskins.Blogspot.com - Offers a handful of free skins for your Blogger account.

Template-Godown.com - A site specializing in converting WordPress themes to the Blogger friendly XML format.

WP-Themes.us - Yes, the name points to them being all about WordPress themes, but they also provide a nice selection of free templates for Blogger.

Yanku-Template.Blogspot.com - Offers some very slick looking, free, Blogger templates of the 2 and 3-column varieties.

Premium Templates:

ChicSassyDesigns.Blogspot.com - Offers up pre-built templates you can buy, will design unique themes and offers background images for sale that you can build your own template around.

PaperbackDesigns.Blogspot.com - Offers free themes and sidebar badges in addition to doing custom designed templates for a fee.

SuckMyLolly.com - A mixture of free and premium themes for your Blogger account. Very colorful in design and lacking the traditional Blogger look.

Tips for Making own Template Design:

Firdamatic Template Generator - Allows you to generate 2 or 3-column templates by just filling in the blanks with your answers.

PsycHorm.org - A nicely implemented free Blogger template generator.

PhotoshopSupport.com - Tips for designing your own Blogger template, using Photoshop.

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