How to decrease your Blog's Alexa Ranking?

I want to share simple blogging tips to get your blog break 100k. Here the list:

  1. Sign Up for Alexa Account and put your blog at their data base.
  2. Put Alexa Badge on your blog and Install Alexa toolbar on your browser.
  3. Create contents, at least one article per day, few blogger believe one article will decrease you Alexa Rank about 1k, so if you post two articles you will decrease your Alexa Rank 2k ;)
  4. Alexa Review. Ask your friend to review your blog on Alexa, some blogger said this is nothing to do with Alexa Rank, but in my experiences review is the powerful tool to boost my Alexa Rank, better than publish an article a day :)
  5. Talking about Alexa on your blog, share your experiences how you gets your great Alexa Rank and hope people find your blog through search engine.
That’s all the simple blogging tips to decrease your Alexa Rank, its pretty simple and everyone can do all things I said above. Alexa Rank is still debatable, some said its not important factor for a blog and the traffic is bias because Alexa’s algorithm, but for me Alexa give a motivation to keep creating articles to decrease the rank.  In fact few advertiser still using Alexa as a factor to rank a blog in their system.

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