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(updated : 13th July 2011)
Facebook has many new sets of Social plugins which enable you to provide engaging social experiences to your users with just a line of HTML. The Facebook Like Button is One of them.
I am gonna show you how to place the Like Facebook like Button after every post of your blog.
Follow the following steps:

How to Add the Facebook Like Button Below every Post

  • Login to your Blogger Account and go to Design > Edit HTML and click on the check box which says “Expand Widget Templates”
  • Look for <data:post.body> and immediately after that place the following code:
      <fb:like expr:href="data:post.url" layout='standard' send='true' show_faces='false' font="arial" action="like" colorscheme="light"></fb:like>
    • Now look for </head>
    and immediately above that paste the following code
    <script src='http://connect.facebook.net/en_US/all.js#xfbml=1' type='text/javascript'/>
    (Note: you don't have to add this if you have already added this code for some other Facebook widget)

    Save the template and you should see the Like Button near each of your posts. You are done :)


    1. Hi there, I can't save the template when I copy the code. Can you tell me what's wrong? Can you follow me back?

    2. Hi ,
      Can you tell me Aemy , What does it say when you copy the code and try to save it?

    3. It says:

      our template could not be parsed as it is not well-formed. Please make sure all XML elements are closed properly.
      XML error message: The reference to entity "layout" must end with the ';' delimiter.

    4. Oh I'm really sorry Aemy , it was my fault. I made a small mistake in typing the HTML tags.
      Now i have made correction. Please try it now .. hope it works... :)

    5. Heylo, I tried to find but its no where in there I even ctrl f 'd it and it said it didnt have any matches..... soooo what do i do?


    6. Hi, Some one from facebook refereed your link i have book marked it nice blogs you write see Free Ezine Article here

    7. i have put this in the correct place and saved it, but i still dont have a like button? what else do i need to do?

    8. Hello Net60six
      thank you for visiting and commenting.
      I have updated the code, please try now.
      You are always welcome here

    9. i am having a hard time looking for the code:

      i copied the html code and paste it on MS word but it just can't find it.

    10. How do I tell who recommends my blog? I only see the most recent person, but it says 86 people have.


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