The Power of Being Personal on Your Blog

As i always recommend all new bloggers the most important tip i.e "write your own blog post, be personal in writing the content of your blog". Bloggers (new bloggers especially) they just copy what everyone else posted already, that's stupidity. I have written a post regarding this topic, How to blog in your own unique style
Blogging is, writing personal opinions. Why to copy from someone else, Be Personal, Write in Your Own Way and Style, Be casual and not formal always.
Many Bloggers say that there are rules of blogging but my opinion is that blogging doesn't have any hard or fast rules. Write in whatever way You want to write.
Google Recognize and index those blogs very quickly which have got quality and new content, and the blog posts which are unique they always get good search engine results.
The only thing you must do after starting your blog is to Optimize it for better search engine results.
These are the two Post you may want to see:
1) Blogger SEO: Part 1
2) Blogger SEO: Part 2


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