Ad Networks

AdBrite: Currently AdBrite provides publishers with the Text Ads, Banner Ads, Full Page Ads, Inline Ads, InVideo, BritePic, and Facebook Apps.

Adsense: Google Adsense is the most well known ad network. They currently have the widest range of keywords for there ad network and some of the highest payouts. Adsense is very easy for publishers of all size to get accepted into their program. It is very important to read their policies before placing ads on your site or blog.

Remember do not click on your own ads!!!

Bidvertiser: Bidvertiser currently offers publishers the choice of displaying banners, skyscrapers, rectangles, buttons, and also free design. Along, with your typical ads that most are use to seeing Bidvertiser also offers publishers the ability to set up an RSS/ATOM feed, which will display Bidvertiser ads along with your RSS/ATOM feeds. RSS feeds are becoming more and more popular. This feature is very easy to setup, however it is important to remember that you will need to redirect your current RSS feed links on your blog to those that Bidvertiser gives you.

Sell your ad space with BidVertiser

Clickbooth : Clickbooth is a division of IntegraClick they currently offer publishers weekly payouts for both ads and also referral payouts. Clickbooth claim to offer the highest CPM’s & ECPM’s.

Clicksor : Clicksor currently only accepts sites that have either atleast 5,000 page views per day or 150,000 page views per month. Clicksor does not accept sites that are hosted free. Clicksor offers publisher the following formats;

* Inline Text Links “$0.15/click”
* Text Banner Ads “$0.10/click”
* Graphical/Rich Media Banners “$0.50/CPM”
* Graphical Banners ‘$0.10/click”
* Pop-Unders “$0.004/per visitor”

Now I know what your thinking $0.004/per visitor, but if you have 150,000 visitors per month that $600.

Text Link Ads : Text-link-ads works a little bit different than other ad networks. Instead of payouts being based on say a CPC like adsense. Text-link-ads prices are based on a “pricing algorithm that factors in: the traffic of your website, theme of your website, and link popularity of your website”. So therefore the more traffic that you coming to your site and how popular the site is “pagerank and alexa” determine what the payouts will be for the ads on your site. Publishers receive 50% of the final price of the ads that are sold to be placed on your site. Minimum payout for Text-Link-Ads is $25 dollars. Text-Link-Ads currently have over 20,000+ publishers. They also pay $25 for every referral that you send their way.

RevenuePilot : RevenuePilot pays publisher’s 60% of the bid price for the ads of their sites. They currently provide publisher with a lot of different types of ads such as: referrals, JavaScript “like adsense”, XML Feeds, Text Feed, HTML Feel “similar to adsense but doesn’t look as nice”, Dynamic Popouts, Popouts, Dynamic Layer Ads, Floating Ads, Interstitials, Banners, Searchbox, Verticals, and textlinks. RevenuePilots referral program works different from other publishers. Instead of pay say $10 dollars for referring someone to their program they pay you 10% of the revenue that the person you referred to them earns for life. Not a bad deal if the people you refer to them do well. RevenuePilot is very easy to get accepted into and they have a very quick and easy application process.

RocketProfit : RocketProfit is a new affiliate network available to publishers. RocketProfit is offers publishers the opportunity to earn revenue through referrals for a wide range of products. RocketProfit currently is offering publishers the use of banner ads, text link ads and campaign emails. With RocketProfit offers publishers some of the highest payouts available currently. Example: “Russ Dalbey’s Winning in the Cash Flow Business - Pays $110”. RocketProfit is definitely something for publishers to take a look at and see if it works for your site.

ValueClick : ValueClick is mainly looking for publishers with mainly US traffic. ValueClick pays publishers on a CPM basis. For most publishers the first couple days with ValueClick are great and then slowly their payouts drop off. Having never used ValueClick I can’t say for myself. On a positive note publishers are able to display ValueClick Banners on the same pages as their adsense ads, but you must disable the CPC for ValueClick.

Yahoo Publishing Network : Yahoo Publishing Network is relatively new it started back in 2005 and publisher could only be accepted by personal invite only. Well they have since opened it up to more publishers and is the top alternative for most publishers. Especially those that have been banned from adsense. There has been a lot of mixed feelings about Yahoo Publishing Network and the fact that it is still a beta after almost 3 years. A lot of publishers have been turned away from YPN due to low payouts. However, over time I think that YPN will come to be a top ad network for most publishers. Yahoo is continuing to acquire more and more advertisers, which means that the keywords that their ads support will continue to grow. Yahoo ads are a lot like those you get with adsense. Basically same format and same sizes. They also provide ads in RSS format.


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