Adding a Banner to Minima Template

In my previous post I showed you how to add a banner to the Thisaway blogger template. Now lets look at how to add a banner to the Minima Blogger template. To add a banner to the Minima template is much easier to do than the Thisaway template because it doesn’t require that you add anything to the CSS. The ideal location for a banner on the Minima template is directly beneath the header. To add a banner directly under the header simply

Step 1 : login to your blogger account and click on the layout tab. Then select edit HTML

Step 2 : Scroll down to the end of your HTML code and locate the script <div id=’content-wrapper’>.

Step 3 : paste your banner code directly under <div id=’content-wrapper’>.

Step 4 : Click save template and your done.

You will notice in my example that I have provided that I place the banner code inside <center></center>. List will align the banner in the center of the page, and give you the ideal placement of your banner.

Good Luck

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