Adding a Banner to your Blogger

In this demonstration I am going to show you very easily how to add a 468 x 60 to the header of your blogger account. For this demonstration I will be using the theme Thisaway. To add a 468 x 60 banner to your blogger requires that we place three pieces of code inside your Blogger template.

Step 1: Once you have logged into your blogger account go to the layout tab and select edit html.

Step 2: The first piece of could that we need to enter into our template is a
inside our CSS. Now if you’re not familiar with programming don’t worry about it, just simple copy the code below.

#banner_468_60 {

float: right;

width: 468px;

height: 60px;

position: relative;

text-align: center;

padding-top: 2px;

padding-bottom: 2px;

padding-left: 2px;

padding-right: 2px;


Now you can place this piece of code anywhere within the CSS for the layout.

Step 3: Once we have defined the CSS for our banner now were are ready to place the
inside our template. Now you are going to want to place the
code wherever you are going to want your banners to show up at. For this demonstration we are going to place it inside the header. Simply copy the code before and place into your Blogger template. Since we are wanting our banner to show up in the header we must placed our code right below
, which you will find inside your template.

Placed Banner Code inside

If you have done everything right you should be able to view your blogger and see you banner ad displayed in your banner.

Now to adjust the alignment of your banner simply go back to where you enter the CSS for the Banner and change the padding until you find the alignment that you like.

Note this particular code only works with the Thisaway template. Over the next week or so I will place the steps to adding a banner to other blogger templates so check back.

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